Senior-friendly bathroom remodeling

  When your needs require a complete bathroom renovation with a Roll-in Access to your bathing area. This may be what you're looking for. Here you will see the full details in the before and after pictures of barrier-free showers. it's just one of our specialties. Why make your bathroom look like a hospital or hotel. A beautiful bathroom starts with your selection of materials and ideals along with our professional recommendations, together we can accomplish your goals.

 Need a wheelchair access to the bathroom? We provide installations of wider doors and spaces to transfer without assistance. Wheelchair and walker friendly bathroom

 We have an infinite number of options. There’s the tub to roll-in shower conversion. The tub is removed and the floor is recessed to allow a non-barrier entry into the shower area. Sometimes having a very low entry into the shower is the answer. For these situations, we recommend the low-entry shower, which has only a two-inch rise.

 When you are looking to have your bathtub removed and converted to a shower with all the accessories to make your space more functional and personal. You will get the answers to many of your questions.

 The majority of our customers have asked,” which is the most affordable tub to shower conversion available?”They are always shown "the SSS" ($uper $aver $hower) tub to shower conversion. In this project, the tub is converted into a shower. Most of the times, this is all it takes to make another customer happy and satisfied.

Working within your budget is our goal. If a complete tub to shower conversion is not the answer your looking for then we have our lowest price mini-tub to shower. In this project there's the minimum amount remodeling with the maximum amount of benefits.

When you are looking to have your bathtub converted into a roll-in shower, and not exceed your budget, we can always do the no frills and thrills roll-in conversion as shown in the SA rollin.

        Sometimes just the smallest modifications can accomplish your goals. When you need a little assistance getting in and out of the tub or help sitting down and standing up, maybe a grab bar installed in the right place can be all that’s needed. When more than one grab bar is needed, you're provided with big savings and a wide variety of grab bar combinations with Our "2-2-3 Special". 

When the bathroom door is a little too narrow to allow the walker or wheelchair in and you need a little bit wider opening to get through. Maybe all that’s needed are a set of EZ door hinges to remedy this situation. These special hinges allow the door to be open all the way which will provide an 1 1/2" wider opening with minor cost. When you are having problem entering the bathroom because the door opening is too narrow and the EZ hinges can't resolve the problem, we offer the alternative of replacing the narrow door with a wider door. Many times we install a new door as wide as 36".

   Does eZaccessbathroomS do other kinds of work you may ask? Sure do. Sometime when you have a guest bathroom with a bathtub. We can do miracles there. Give it a facelift. Take a peek at what we can do with a bathroom that has a tub.

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          We guarantee you will also be a 100% satisfied customer with your remodeling project. Many references are available to discuss their wonderful experiences with eZaccessbathrooms. Let us make your life a little easier. 

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