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Everything to make your bathroom safe, functional, and EZ to use.
In our personal one on one consultation, we go step-by-step explaining all the options that can be implemented into making your personal senior-friendly bathroom. When designing your bathroom, there are many factors to take into consideration. Most importantly is what you want to accomplish. We have designed many custom bathrooms for all of our clients. Every person is different and every bathroom we custom designed has been different. We always design it to meet your needs. Not all of the options we can provide are used. It's the client who finally decides after having all the information you need. What will make you completely satisfied and with that we remodel the bathroom to all your specifications. This way we always ensure that you're going to be 100% satisfied when we’re finished.
As we age, we all want to live at home as long as possible. Yet, as we mature, slipping and falling can be a common occurrence while bathing, showering and using the toilet. We want to stay independent and maintain our privacy especially in your bathroom.
There are many options, accessories, and alternatives which will make your life a little bit or a lot easier. The services we have provided for decades and all the experiences we have gained helping people help themselves will address the all the factors to develop a successful plan of action which will accomplish your goals.
The benefits of even the smallest consideration ( safety grab bars), will make a world of difference in your well being and safety. Just imagine having your complete bathroom remodeled to meet all your personal needs. It’ll be like a new lease on life.
After the initial one on one personal consultation, we’ll include all the options you have selected into developing your new senior-friendly bathroom.

Doors, Levers, and Hinges

One of the very first things we do, is to take into consideration the entry to your bathroom. Hence the door. Lever door handles are one of the options available. We always recommend replace the door knobs with lever handles. You don't need to twist the knob to enter. All you do is push the lever down and the door will open. eZaccess door hinges are also inexpensive and will increase the door clearance by about 1 1/2”. what this option accomplishes is that you will actually have a 24” wide opening for a 24” door versus just 22 1/2” which you have right now. Most of the times that’s all it takes in order to get the walker through the door without having to twist it, turn it, put it through the door opening, take a step forward, turn it again, take another step and enter the bathroom .The next step would be to increase the size of the door. We don’t know why but the builders almost always specify the installation of a 24” bathroom door. Our next suggestion would be to increase the size of the door which could be from 28" to 36" wide. We recommend whenever possible the minimum width of the door being 32” with 36” being preferable. Many times there are obstacles in the way such as cabinets and closets which prohibits the installation of a 36” door. However, we install the largest door possible to give you the maximum amount of clearance to enter the bathroom. The ultimate upgrade would be a door that will open and close simply by pressing the open door button on your remote control.

Grab Bars and Bathroom Safety

The next step is the safety grab bars and all those benefits are detailed in the grab bar section of this website. However , when we remodel the complete bathroom, the installations of grab bars and safety accessories options are vastly increased. The reason is because when we do the complete bathroom, we install reinforcement wood blocking in the walls where all the options will be located, hence strong support for everything installed and wherever you want them. When we do only the safety grab bar installations in an existing bath/shower, the options are restricted to where the existing studs are located.


The most popular option regarding the shower head is the fixed/handheld shower head combination.This showering unit has two shower heads. One that stays fixed on the wall (regular shower head) and one that is a hand held . This unit has several features. It can be used as a rain shower head, a hand held shower head, or both at the same time. This unit also has several spray options as well. The best feature is that the water can be turned off at the hand held showerhead . While showering there's no need to stand up to turn off the water. It turns off at the handle with a simple press of the button. Then it can be turned back on when you're ready.

The hand-held shower head is installed with a extremely flexible and durable stainless steel hose. This allows you to use it with ease. There are several sizes available and the appropriate one is installed. The length of the hose installed is determined by the size of the tub/shower and how you will be using the hand-held.

There are several other options when considering the hand-held shower head. The hand-held shower head clips back into the fixed shower head on the wall. However the options to consider is how you will be standing or sitting while showering. One of the options is a vertical bar for sliding the hand-held higher or lower. With this slider you can adjust the height of the hand-held shower head. The best option, that we recommend is the wall mounted bracket. Of these brackets there are 2 options. One is the ABS (plastic) mounting bracket with two position options. The best which is made out of rust resistant metal and can be positioned in many different angles. The bracket can be mounted anywhere in the bathing area which will make using the hand-held shower head easy to reach, use, adjust, and hold.


In the toilet area the first consideration is to ensure that the toilet is ADA compliant. That is to say, the toilet should be at a comfortable height for you. eZaccessbathrooms has the formula ( your height, weight, strength, mobility, and toilet area) to recommend the perfect toilet height that will make the toilet comfortable and eZ to use. Some people are surprised to learn that the single most important factor to make it eZ to stand up from the sitting position is "the knee to hip ratio". The higher the hip is in relation to your knees, the eZer it is to stand up. When done correctly, this accomplishes two things. There’s less stress on the knees and less strength needed to stand from the sitting position. This along with the correct positioning of the grab bars will make using the toilet comfortable and eZ.

eZaccessbathrooms has the method to provide you with the exact toilet height you require. We use the ADA codes and customize them to meet your specific needs. All the other contractors will install any toilet that meets ADA code which is 17" to 19" and tell you, "There it is, you deal with it". Where we make sure that it's the perfect height for you and exceeds ADA codes.

The next step is to address the bathing/showering area. Many times it is preferable to remove the bathtub and make it a shower. This is called a tub to shower conversion. The obvious benefit to the tub to shower conversion provides a much larger showering area and it’s eZ to enter. Some people are surprised to find out that the actual Bathing area of a bathtub is approximately 18“ x 45“ and replacing the tub with a shower will enlarge the showering area by more than 100%. That’s more than double the functional area of your current tub. Many clients have told us,”wow, it looks so much bigger. That’s because we more than double the functional space without taking 1” away from the rest of the bathroom.

We start out with a selection of 5 different types of showers.
1.) Barrier-Free
2.) eZaccess Shower
3.) Low entry Shower
4.) Super Saver Shower
5.) Standard walk-in Shower
Once the type of shower you want is decided, we’ll work our magic by providing all the options that will make your new shower safe, functional, and secure. Being beautiful is just an added bonus.
After the options are selected, then we go into the details of the choices within those options. Like, for example, the shower faucet. We recommend a lever handle shower faucet, just like the door and lavatory faucet. Why? Because you can turn the water on and off without having to the grip a knob and tighten it to turn the water off. Then the lever faucets are available with volume control, temperature control, or both. Then the finish of the faucet is selected. Will it be chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, polished brass, or host of other finishes available. These are some the details we take into account when designing your bathroom.

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