Grab bar installations

Providing specialized services to our community of physically challenged and senior citizens is among one of the many specialized services we provide, grab bar installations and bathroom safety is the reason you're visiting us today. We're here to help.


ada stainless steel grab bars

After this safety bars are professionally installed, you will notice how safe and natural your physical movements will be when entering and exiting the bathing area and the ease you will have sitting down and standing up. There's a natural flow throughout your entire bathroom where safety is paramount.  


brushed nickel grab bars

Safety grab rail, grab bar, bathroom bars, handicap bars for bathroom, and ADA grab rails . Grab bars for bathroom, whether it's shower grab bars ,bathtub safety. Making your bathroom a safe environment, many factors must be taken into consideration to develop a secure space. 


bronze grab bars

Installing bronze grab bar, (safety bars, hand rails ) in your bathroom is an investment in your safety and security. These bronze grab bars add a touch of elegance to your beautiful bathroom. Bronze grab bars also add a decorative element to your safety and your bathroom, needless to say..


custom grab bars

The largest selection of grab bars with installation in Houston.Professional installation of grab bars. We have a wide selection of grab bars readily available for immediate installation.


Toilet Grab Bars

In making your bathroom a safe environment, many factors must be taken into consideration to develop a secure space. Factors such as height, weight, age, reach, mobility, and the confinements of the bathroom area. In addition, some of the factors we take into consideration are the ADA compliant codes. These codes were designed with the general population in mind; therefore, we take these codes and customize them to accurately benefit your personal situation.

This is what we do and this is how we do it.

The following is our exclusive process which will aways ensure your 100% satisfaction 100% of the time.

  • After everything is located in the wall and mapped out. We continue into the following steps
  • The Mock-up:This is our exclusive process where we tape contractor's paper to the walls where all the grab bars and accessories may be installed. On these templates, exact diagrams are made of where the grab bars could be installed, with all the options such as sizes, positions, and functional locations.
  • The 2nd Consultation is made. We go over all the options available that will provide you the maximum safety in your bathroom. Then you will be able to choose what options you will now have in your bathroom. 
  •  You will know before we make any modifications, what the exact cost will be.
  • Installation, in this phase we actually start making the necessary modification to install everything you have chosen.
  • Wrap-up, in this phase all the tools, equipment, and accessories are removed from your home. The work area is cleaned up. All items that were moved are put right back where they were, how they were.
  • Final inspection, this is when you confirm that everything was done according to your wishes, we've exceeded all your expectations, and you are 100% satisfied.
  • The consultation appointment is made.
  • We'll arrive at your home on time and meet with you.
  •  During our consultation, we'll evaluate all your safety needs that will also cover everything you want .
  • A survey of your bathroom space , it's configuration, and the construction method is done.
  • Then we'll make our professional recommendations.
  • You'll have all the information you need to make an intelligent decision about what you really want that will also cover all your needs.
  • You'll be quoted "A NO SURPRISE PRICE". There's no hidden cost or fees.
  • This is where the installation phase starts. Setting-up, in this phase, a few pictures are taken to insure that everything will be placed right back exactly where it was when the work is completed. All your floors are protected with heavy duty canvas cloths. From the front door to the bathroom.
  • The tools, equipment, grab bars, and accessories are brought into the protected work area.
  • All the walls are scaned. Besides using the old fashion stud (wood) finders. We use specialized equipment not only to find the studs, we are also able to locate the hot and cold water lines, PVC plastic vent and drain lines, Cast iron pipes, and track where the electrical wiring ,if any, are routed through the walls,