eZaccess Shower

This tub to eZaccess Shower conversion has a few of the options we have available. Such as the solid shower bench, temperature and volume control faucet, custom shower heads with it’s bracket, grab bars, skid resistant travertine floor, heavy duty shower curtain, tiled bathroom floor, and custom tile design.You may find that perfect shower you want here or get inspired and let us design your own style of shower with everything you want and need to make it perfect for you.

the benifits

The benifits of the shower are eZ to enter, secure place to sit, perfect water contol, and everything is eZ to use. Safe, funtional, and secure. This one is perfect if you can't lift your feet very high, if you use a walker, or a wheelchair, and best of all, everyone has access to the shower.

Below is one of the many eZaccess Showers we have done. Here’s another one we have done. Same type of shower with different design. Notice the difference. HOLMES BARRIER FREE SHOWER

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