Handicap hand rails

At Ezaccessbathrooms our motto is “ helping people help themselves” for over 35 years . We understand the need for high quality grab bars and professional installation service. With a large selection of grab bars in stock and on hand to provide immediate installations. We also carry a variety of styles, colors, finishes, sizes. We also carry dual function grab bars. They’re caddy corner grab bars and caddy grab bars. Their function is additional shelf space for your bottled shampoo and soaps, but they also disguise the fact that they are grab bars.

As we get older, our body starts to slow down. Simple tasks such as sitting down and standing up become slightly more difficult. Since we no longer have the muscle strength to support ourselves . If you’re finding that it’s been getting a little more difficult to stand up when you been sitting for a while. When you realize you’re becoming a little more cautious getting in and out of the shower or bath tub. Struggling Standing up from the toilet . Installing grab bars is the next step in the right direction.

When you have elderly friends and relatives visiting you or your parents have move in. Show your love and consideration by Installing grab bars in their bathroom. It’ll help provide them with the extra support needed to lift themselves from the toilet or bathtub safely while also reducing the risk of injury.

The most important factors of having these safety items installed in your home are independence and privacy. You want to maintain your independence and being able to bathe in the privacy of your own home.

Handicap bathroom bars

Grab Bars are called handrails, safety bars, hand bars, safety rails, and of course grab bars. Regardless of what you call them, offer the same benefits. They can be installed in your shower, bathing area, and around the toilet. The desired outcome is to be able to move safely in the most hazardous room in your home. To help you move easily, securely, and provide you the support to standup and to sit down gently. Grab bars also help you maintain your balance while you’re standing. People who have lost some of their hearing will tell you that they now have some issues with their equilibrium . The ears are what help you maintain your balance.

Handicap shower bars

With all this said and done. The most important factors is we’ll help you maintain your independence and privacy .We’ll review what the ADA codes are, which applies to the general public and how we can customize them to address all your needs.

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handicap bathroom bars
handicap bathroom rails
handicap bathroom rails

Handicap grab bars, caddy grab rail, handheld shower, caddy corner safety bars, shower bench, and roll in shower

Handicap grab bars, caddy grab rail, handheld shower, caddy corner safety bars, shower bench, and roll in shower