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     There are many factors to take into consideration when creating a elderly-friendly bathroom. One of the first and foremost important steps to take is the complete evaluation of the indidviual and what are the most important goals they want to achieve. For some people, making their bathroom elderly-friendly, would be to install some supports ( grab bars ). For others, this would not be sufficent to accomplish their goals.

     An elderly-friendly bathroom is like art. It's subject to the interpetation of the person who is using it. For some it would be installing grab bars as stated above, while for the majority, it involves some modifications to their existing bathrooms. We make this tranformation seem effortless. Like a few of our customers have told us,Mr. Taylor said," If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would of thought this bathroom has always been this nice. It's just perfect, what I needed, what I wanted, and it's beautiful to top everything off." 

To us, here at eZaccessbathrooms, being the best comes a distant second. Helping the people who really need our help has always been in first place. Being the best is just an added bonus, just like when we finish your bathroom, it'll be just what you needed, what you've wanted, and being beautiful is just an added bonus.

The choices of how to make your bathroom work perfectly for you are endless.There are as many choices as there are people who need them. For the best in ADA elderly bathroom remodeling Houston, elderly bathroom remodeling Houston,We'll be able to show you everything you will need after your one on one in-home evaluation.

A barrier-free bathroom allows the homeowner to enter the showering area with complete ease. Beauty can be safe, funtional, and secure. We'll show you in the following slideshows how we made the homeowner extremly happy with their new bathroom.Wether it's the complete bathroom or just the shower, we can help.


Barrier free penny 010.JPG

Penny's Barrier-free bathroom

This bathroom was completely remodeled. Walls were removed to access the toilet area. The ceiling was replaced. A  barrier-free shower was constructed. A thousand word wouldn't do it justice so we'll let the picture tell the story in the slideshow link below. It'll take a moment to load.

rollin shower 0035.JPG

holme's barrier-free bathroom


This homeowner want her bathroom remodeled. Even though this is a barrier-free bathroom, she asked us to install a showerdoor. She was mobile at the time, but if her illness progressed to the point where she would need to use a wheelchair. The showerdoor would be removed to allow full access to the shower with a wheelchair. 


Moore's barrier-free bathroom

A thousand word wouldn't do it justice so we'll let the picture tell the story in the slideshow link below. It'll take a moment to load.

handicap bathroom 01 005.jpg



Panda's barrier-free bathroom

Can you believe it? There used to be a tub in this bathroom. It was a small bathroom and it still is but we configured it into a wheelchair, barrier-free, and open spaced bathroom. There's alot going on in this bathroom because it was designed to meet the special needs of several people who were going to be staying here at the client's house. He wanted all of them to feel at home. Mission accomplished! 

handicap bathrooms 02 019.JPG

Teller's barrier-free bathroom

In this beautiful ezaccess bathroom was created with the homeowner's mother in mind. Many suggestions were made by the professional designer. Most were incorporated to accomplish these beautiful results.

cheap tub to shower conversion 022.JPG

BUDGET barrier-free bathroom

When you need a "no frills" shower. This one fits the bill perfectly.