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The most popular option regarding the shower head is the fixed/handheld shower head combination.This showering unit has two shower heads. One that stays fixed on the wall (regular shower head) and one that is a hand held . This unit has several features. It can be used as a rain shower head, a hand held shower head, or both at the same time. This unit also has several spray options as well. The best feature is that the water can be turned off at the hand held showerhead . While showering there's no need to stand up to turn off the water. It turns off at the handle with a simple press of the button. Then it can be turned back on when you're ready.

The hand-held shower head is installed with a extremely flexible and durable stainless steel hose. This allows you to use it with ease. There are several sizes available and the appropriate one is installed. The length of the hose installed is determined by the size of the tub/shower and how you will be using the hand-held.

There are several other options when considering the hand-held shower head. The hand-held shower head clips back into the fixed shower head on the wall. However the options to consider is how you will be standing or sitting while showering. One of the options is a vertical bar for sliding the hand-held higher or lower. With this slider you can adjust the height of the hand-held shower head. The best option, that we recommend is the wall mounted bracket. Of these brackets there are 2 options. One is the ABS (plastic) mounting bracket with two position options. The best which is made out of rust resistant metal and can be positioned in many different angles. The bracket can be mounted anywhere in the bathing area which will make using the hand-held shower head easy to reach, use, adjust, and hold.

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